Graduation show 2018

For the seasonal fashion graduation show at Beckmans College of Design we, a group of visual communication students, designed and directed the official lookbook. A catalog of 56 pages, printed in 1000 copies to be handed out to the visitors of the runway show.

My main responsibility was the typesetting. I also took part in the rest of the work, from brainstorming and planning the photo shoot to preparing for print. The process led us to explore the plastic material as means of expression and was used together with a minimalistic design to help emphasize the new batch of haute couture.

Art direction: Agnes Moström, John Bengtsson, Sara Dunker, Hannah Green Youngblood. Photography: Amanda Nilsson. Makeup: Josephine Golan. Hair: Ina Palm. Models: Mikas, Stockholmsgruppen, Nisch Management, Slash.ten.